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Innovations for the local economy

In a globalized world, local economies easily end up at the impoverished end of the trade/wealth spectrum.  In fact, many communities have been paralyzed for years in needless economic depressions.

Social Trade Organization (STRO) targets these communities with its innovative solutions that increase the purchasing power through new forms of money and credit and by making existing purchasing power circulate longer within a given community or region.

Innovations range from a more effective use of existing support programs, via extended micro-credit programs to circuits (networks) of exchange between producers and consumers.

A historical step for STRO was the testing of the first Bonus/Fomento program in which the foreign contribution for the construction of a school was channeled through a community micro-credit organization using a local currency concept to boost the overall economy of the community.

These types of projects improve access to credit and markets, stimulate entrepreneurship, strengthen local communities and enhance the outcome of productive projects.

In addition, the Dutch Social TRade Organization developed a community based loyalty program to reward and boost the environmental behavior of citizens in Rotterdam-Holland.