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Social Trade Organisation

Innovations for the local economy

In a globalized world, local economies easily end up at the impoverished end of the trade/wealth spectrum.  In fact, many communities have been paralyzed for years in needless economic depressions.

Social Trade Organization (STRO) targets these communities with its innovative solutions that increase the purchasing power through new forms of money and credit and by making existing purchasing power circulate longer within a given community or region.

Making money work

The current economic and financial crisis clearly shows that the current monetary system with its interest bearing money doesn’t work at all. For two decades, the STRO Group has been working on new ways to make money work to get regions out of economic crises.

STRO has developed and tested monetary tools in pilot projects and built the banking software that support these tools. The Spend Local campaign aims to promote the worldwide use of STRO tools.

Innovative credit for SME

Small and Medium Enterprises are important sources of innovation and job creation and are therefore necessary elements in any model of sustainability in a changing world. However, SMEs have great difficulties in attracting credit. SMEs in poor communities face yet another problem: purchasing power rapidly leaves the community before it can facilitate trade between local enterprises. STRO's Commercial Credit Circuit (C3) creates additional credit for these companies and encourage more purchasing demand to circulate in the local markets.

Biofuels for local use

Bio-fuels get a lot of attention because of climate change and the limited resources of fossil fuels. STRO believes that the focus should be on local use, not on the export, of bio-fuel. Social TRade intends to foster local economies that are varied and sustainable. A community that offers only one commodity to the world market tends to lose its social and cultural structure. Social TRade emphasizes the development of diversified local economies. Production of fuels for local use is a logical first step.